What was painted: full exterior: wood siding, wood soffits, wood fascia (2 tone colour), window frames, door frames, doors, wood stairs, concrete stairs

Prep + prep tools: We powerwashed the house to remove dirt and grim and to ensure a clean surface for new paint to adhere to. We then let the house dry out for a week before starting with all the prep. A majority of areas had flaking and failing paint and alligatoring so we used scrapers to remove the loose flaking paint and used orbital sanders with 60-80 grit sand paper to help sand down the ridges and some of the alligatoring spots for a smoother finish. We applied elastomeric latex based caulking to all cracks in the stucco along with separated wood in the window frames and door frames to help prevent moisture from seeping in. We were also spraying the entire house so we then masked off the windows, roof, and decks with M3 paper and plastic.

Product details: Coverstain oil based primer from Cloverdale for all bare wood.  Cloverdale Covercoat Flat exterior for all wood siding and wood soffits, Renaissance Semi Gloss for all window frames, door frames and fascia.

Where products were used: Full coat of oil based primer to bare wood and then 2 coats of the the above products to each specific areas to allow for a full colour change

Product tools: brilliant finish 2.5 inch brushes, fine finish mini-rollers, 20mm roller sleeves, graco 490 sprayer 24’ ladders, 32’ ladders, multi way ladders and masking tools were used for all preparations and painting.

Safety Procedures: Site meeting to go over potential hazards, equipment check of all ladders and tools to ensure good working order.

1777 Hampshire Road
Neighbourhood Oak Bay​, Victoria

After Painting

paint house exterior siding


1221 Ruddlin St, Victoria

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