What was painted: full interior repaint of all walls and partial trim

Prep + prep tools: all drywall damage was repaired by filling with drydex and 2 inch putty knifes, sanding smooth with 180 grit sand paper and sanding sponges, cracks or split caulking was stripped out and re caulked using alex plus latex caulk. Step ladders to reach all areas safely along with drop sheets to cover and protect all flooring and plastic wrapped over all furniture to ensure no drips or splatter of paint occurred.

Product details: Walls were painted with 2 full coats of Sherwin Williams SuperPaint with a Velvet Finish. Trim was painted with Sherwin Williams Super Paint with a Semi Gloss Finish.

Where products were used: SuperPaint velvet for 2 coats on the walls to effectively colour change from red to green and Superpaint Semi Gloss was used on the trim for 1 coat to refresh the white trim colour.

 Product tools: brilliant finish 2.5 inch brushes, fine finish mini-rollers, 15mm roller sleeves, step ladders, multi way ladders and masking tools were used for all preparations and painting.

Safety Procedures: Site meeting to go over potential hazards, equipment check of all ladders and tools to ensure good working order.

Bear Mountain
209-1335 Bear Mountain Parkway
Langford V9B6T8


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